Creation Of The Children 's Bureau Essay

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Creation of the Children’s Bureau The Children’s Bureau was created in 1912 by Lillian D. Wald and Florence Kelly (“The story of…”). The main goal for this bureau was to create standards that would impact the way children were treated. There are several issues that the Children’s Bureau covered. These issues include infant and maternal death, child labor, orphanages, child health and recreation, delinquency and juvenile courts, family economic security, abused and neglected children, and foster care (“The story of…”). The first issue that the Children’s Bureau focused on was infant and maternal death. This was a problem because there were not any standards for how a baby was supposed to be delivered. Prenatal and postnatal care were also not well-known; therefore, many mothers did not receive the care that they needed to make sure they were doing well before and after birthing a child. There are not many statistics that show how many infants and mothers died each year due to the little to no standards that were in place at the time, but about one in ten infants died within the first year of their life (“The story of..”). Julia Lathrop was the director of the Children’s Bureau. She was the person who brought the infant and maternal deaths issue to light. According to Theerman (2010), Julia Lathrop also helped create the Sheppard-Towner Act in 1921 (p. 1589). The creation of the act is seen as one of her most important successes. This act was created to reduce the number of

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