Creation Theology And The Creation Of The World

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Creation happened at the beginning of time. In cultures all around the world, there can be found explanations of how people came to be and how the world they live in was formed. Creation theology is a bit different. It explains how Christians believe the God of the Bible formed the world and how that impacts them today. A belief that most Christians hold that can be traced back to the Apostle’s Creed is that God the Father is “maker of heaven and earth”. This can be translated in different ways however, and this paper will try and explain some of the different ways that the Biblical account of Creation can be understood. Creation can also be linked to other beliefs of the church, especially to Christ himself. The Biblical Creation of the world will be recognized in this paper by being capitalized, creation will reference the beginning of the world and nature will be used to describe what has been created like the plants, animals, and humans. In this paper, I will explain the different parts of Creation theology and connect Creation to other parts of Christology. Creation Theology The story of how the world was created has been told in different ways since the beginning of time. Nature clearly points out to humans that there is a God (Williams, 2007). This can be called natural theology which uses nature to prove that there is a God (McGrath, 2008). The world is very complex with many different parts of it interwoven and dependent on each other. It is very difficult to
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