Creation of The Butterflies

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"We cannot allow our children to grow up in this corrupt and tyrannical regime, we have to fight against it, and I am willing to give up everything, including my life if necessary." (Patria Mercedes Mirabal)

Discuss this quote in relation to the situation that the Mirabal sisters and their families found themselves in their fight for survival against the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo’s horrendous regime. You need to refer to the events and situations that lead the sister’s to create the counter revolutionary group The Butterflies.

Throughout centuries man has witnessed some of this worlds greatest tragedies; the destruction caused by the bubonic plague, the bombing of Pearl Harbour and the Rwandan Genocide. However, none of these can
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It did not take a genius to see that Minerva’s hatred had true root within her heart, and her extensive knowledge of the dictators corruption just drove this even more so.

The youngest sister, Maria Teresa is often portrayed in a light of innocence and this enforced by her quiet nature. Throughout her narration she refers to death a lot, discussing it as a fear and having recurring dreams of a coffin. This was evident to the effect her fathers death had on her. Her marriage to Leandro and birth of daughter Jacqueline brings her out of her shell and like her elder sisters, she joins the fight with same tenacity.

The second sister, Dedè was the only sister not a confident member of the revolutionary movement, and the only one who survived Trujillo’s reign. Her husband Jaimito was the reason for her lack of participation and the father to her three children, Enrique, Rafael and David. It was Dedè caution that saved her life but led her too much regret when conflict began to tear Dedè and her husband apart. Whilst her suspicions about her sisters being killed were always very real, she never thought that her worst fear would come true.

The final revolt saw The Butterflies with six official standing members; the Mirabal sisters and their husbands. Their children and various members of other revolutionary groups had also been identified. The movement met weekly in Monte Cristi at the home
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