Creation of a Wellness Program for Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo

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The primary market of this organization is the uninsured population residing in the Imperial valley. In the Imperial valley, many of the jobs that are available are based on agriculture. These jobs are often seasonal leaving many workers unemployed during a portion of the year. As of March 2009, the unemployment rate of this area was 25.1%. This was the highest rate of any area that had a minimum of 50,000 people, in the entire United States (Perry, 2009). For this reason, many individuals do not have the option of employer-based insurance and are unable to pay for private insurance. These individuals are the ones in need of health care but are either turned away and or are unable to afford care from other health care facilities. For…show more content…
Therefore, it benefits the clinics, which are reimbursed through the insurances, as well as the individuals who save time and money. The secondary market for the wellness program will be the Administration team of Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo. Not only will they be able to take part in the program, they will be able to maintain the budget that has been set. As the employer, it is this team’s responsibility to make sure that health care costs are low, workplace incidents are minimal, and long-term disability is reduced. Wellness programs have shown to be able to meet these requirements while boosting the morale of employees, which benefits everyone. It has even been said that the creation of such wellness programs benefits employers overall long-term health. SOURCES OF INCOME While Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo runs nine separate clinics, they are still considered small. Even though they are considered small, they have still been able to create a reputation that has made them renowned among the health clinics community in California. The majority of their income usually comes from three sources. The three main sources of income are governmental payers, grants and donations, and self pay patients. The primary source of income for the clinics is governmental payers. Elderly people who use these clinics are usually covered through Medicare. Medicare is a federal insurance

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