Creation or Evolution of the Earth

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Was it creation or evolution? That is the question that is more popular today than ever. There are many different theories to the creation of the earth and the development of man. The big question is which one was actually true. Scientists will tell you evolution is how man was created. Creationists or Christians will tell you that creation was how man was created. Which group of people is right? There is a bill in Texas State Congress over a new proposed set of guidelines for teaching biology in the public school system. For the last twenty years state regulations have said whenever the theory of evolution is. Sanded it is weakness should also be presented. However a new group of professors, calling themselves “The Twenty First Century Science Coalition,” this group is calling for a change in Texas state guidelines and all across America that would profit the mention of any weakness from being discussed in the public classroom. The also further said any mention of weakness of Darwin’s theory of evolution would harm college students’ readiness and their ability to compete for jobs. I find this a bit curious. Here are these people saying we can’t even talk about the weakness of evolution. Somehow this will keep kids from getting jobs and getting into college. It is not the whole purpose of education to ask questions? Why is the adherence of evolution so adamant in saying we are not even going to allow any of the weakness of our theory to be discussed? I think the reason is
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