Creation vs Evolution Essay

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     There are two different beliefs of how everything came to be. One is creation. Creationalists believe in what the Bible says which is that God created everything. Another is evolution. Evolutionalists believe that there was a "big bang" which brought forth everything. In this paper, I'm going to give the arguments that prove evolution wrong.
     One of the main things that evolutionalists have a problem with is time. They say that the world has existed for millions and billions of years. There is a couple problems with this though. The sun shrinks so much every day because it is burning up all its fuels. Scientists can calculate how big the sun was at any point in history.
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If they go back in time millions of years, the magnetic field would be too strong for anything to live on earth, therefore this being another reason why the earth is not that old.
     Evolutionists believe that humans and all other things evolved by mutation. Scientists can force mutations with radiation. Every mutation that has been made has never been good. Mutations only hurt the organism, not help it.
     A main part in evolution is the dating of fossils. This makes a type of circular reasoning though because of the archeologists and paleontologists. The archeologist dates the layers of the earth by the fossils that were found in it and the paleontologist dates the fossils by the layer of the earth it was found in.
     Another problem comes up when you talk about fossils. If the world is millions and billions of years old, there would be fossils at lots of different archeological levels. Archeologists have found that most fossils are found at the same level, which would mean that some huge natural disaster happened and killed millions of animals at one time. The Bible mentions of a great flood that wiped out millions of animals and humans. This again proves evolution wrong.
     A way to date old artifacts and bodies is by using the C-14

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