Creationism : A Theory Of Primordial History

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One of the most discussed and debated phenomena in the history of education is that the hypothetical concept of evolution which can be considered as a theory of primordial history, moreover with the belief of creationism. Both have had an astounded impact in the framework of contemporary education should or should not be taught in the public classroom. Evolutionists and Creationists both have their reasons why their beliefs should be taught in the public classroom. The matter of the fact is that both of these are considered beliefs, things that are only backed by faith. Only faith, they are not supported by fact which makes them not a theory or hypothesis. Throughout history the debate between whether it is ethically right or wrong to teach these has been ongoing for too long and must come to a stop. These beliefs should not be taught in public schools due to the years of case law and disputed legislative actions, both of their belief systems, and the irrefutable facts that prove it morally wrong. Creationists believe that one divine God created the world around 10,000 years ago. This creation took six twenty- four hour days and he who created rested on the Sabbath (seventh day). They follow the creation of the earth through the first book in the Bible, Genesis. Creationists believe in many ways why their religion should be taught in schools over evolution. In order for this religion to get taught in schools they have created a “creation science.” It is not exactly what
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