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Bobby Rappach 11-1-12 Mr. Boyle Creationism The concept of Creationism has been around since a monotheistic Abrahamic God. It is nothing more than a literal interpretation of the creation story of Genesis as a basis for the creation of everything in the universe. Until the early 1500’s it was the common belief that the world was flat and this is one the only exceptions that creationist sects have excepted when it comes to modern day science along with the earth not being the center of the universe. Today’s definition can be understood as Christianity and Catholicism until the years surrounding 1500AD. Even after such discoveries it had a large amount of belief compared to new scientific discoveries. As scientific advances over…show more content…
In geology, instead of the Earth’s rock layers forming over millions of years they believe that Noah’s Great Flood brought upon the shape of mountains and diverse amounts of hills, valleys, plateaus etc. One of the greatest controversies when it comes to creationists is the idea of dinosaurs and humans. Today the average person could tell you that dinosaurs were around before humans, but not creationists. They believe that along with other animals, dinosaurs were brought on Noah’s Ark and died out due to rapid climate change. Since dinosaurs were not mentioned in the bible, they were referred to as dragons, behemoths, and leviathans brings upon the idea in their mind that they lived along side the ancient people mentioned in the bible. In this they denounce the geology of dating rocks and fossils by criticizing the formula used to date them back millions of years. In chemistry they have said that the carbon dating of radioactive isotopes is incorrect because of the lack of 100% accuracy while being relatively close, they have created there own formula which no matter how they date it, it will always come to a conclusion of less than 10,000 years ago. Away from the science controversy in their belief, on a theological level they believe most of the same views as Catholics. There are three persons in one God as well as Jesus being born of the Virgin Mary. Also, they believe in the resurrection as well as Satan being an
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