Creationism versus Evolutionism

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Evolution by natural selection is a result of evolution that leaves organisms well adapted to their current population but does not make a perfect organism (Smock 2014). Male guppies have shown over the past 200 years to have more or less colorful patterns decorating their bodies. Studies have shown that male guppies have more colorful body patterns in areas where there are no predators and more conservative colorations when in hostile waters (Futuyuma 2009). A 1980 study proved that once guppies were moved to safer waters, in the next later generations, more colorful male guppies began to appear (Futuyuma 2009). The guppy applies to the first rule of natural selection that there is variation in a trait in an organism in a population…show more content…
The other reason that Intelligent Design is not able to stand as a scientific theory is that it is inherently religious and therefore not actually scientific. That is proven in Judgment Day when it is discovered that prior to the court ruling that outlawed Creationism being taught in school, the textbook that was going to be used to teach Intelligent Design was using the word Creationism instead until it was changed in the next editing phase (Judgment Day 2014).

What one must do to reconcile science and religion is to let go of the idea that one discipline rules out the other (Miller 2001). Professor Ken Brown theorizes that maybe a higher power created a world that was complex and alive at it’s base and then allow it to be self-sustaining, developing on it’s own (Miller 2001) which is a theory that I can agree with. What needs to be understood is that science will never be able to explain why there is or is not a higher power and religion will never be able to explain widely accepted theories like evolution (Miller 2001). They both function on their own realities, one where science answers the natural world around us and one where religion gives meaning to our lives (Miller 2001). The rift is made because there are people that deny the idea that something other than a higher power was behind the beginning of
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