Creationist Argument Against Creationism

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As seen from the infographic, Creationism meets absolutely none of the requirements to be considered a science; for instance, Creationism has no physical evidence, is not repeatable, and has no backing from any other branch of science. In this specific instance, evolution is the comparative to Creationism. Unlike its counterpart, evolution can be repeatedly tested because it is still happening to this day while the beliefs of Creationism seem to have occurred only once. Additionally, if Creationism was to have any evidence, it would probably be the Bible, but not even that has scientific backing. Along with this Creationism cannot be backed by any branch of science, due to the fact that it does not follow the scientific method. Due to this, Creationism cannot be considered a science and in turn cannot be taught in place of a science curriculum. Despite this, Creationists still press for some form of their religious beliefs to be taught in the public school system. Fundamentalist Creationists do not stop at just asking for Creationism to be taught in public schools, as mentioned before, sometimes they turn to extremes. First, it is beneficial to understand the basis on which Creationists attempt to discredit science. One of the most common misconceptions from Creationism is that it is a suitable scientific alternative to the evolutionary theory. This is simply not true, as evident from the aforementioned infographic. Using this as the foundation for their argument,

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