Creative And Critical Thinking Assignment

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Criminal Justice year one, semester one, 2016 4) Ireland has the best managed healthcare system in the developed world. Discuss.

In recent years, Ireland’s healthcare service has faced many issues and many people have been noted to criticise and point out the issues of the healthcare system. In this essay we will be discussing the healthcare system in Ireland and we will be opposing to the statement “Ireland has the best managed healthcare system in the developed world”. We will be giving many points to support our argument such as the waiting lists in Irish hospitals, the use of general practitioner services by people at different income levels and in particular by those with and without entitlement to free GP care. Finally, we will discuss the web of issues in relation to which private health insurance plays in the Irish healthcare system (Nolan and Nolan 2004) (4). In this essay we hope to support our points and satisfy our side of the argument.

One of the biggest problems in the Irish healthcare system is the waiting list for hospitals. Thousands of people are on the waiting list in Ireland to get operations etc. and these waiting lists seem to be at a standstill. According to the Irish Independent, The figures for May show 509,994 patients are either waiting for an operation, an outpatient appointment or an internal endoscopy examination. Numbers waiting for an outpatient appointment have gone up from 407,257 to 415,584 in…
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