Creative Art Therapy: Essay

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Creative Art Therapy:

Creative art therapy is a technique that implements theory of three major schools of thought:


„Y Uses:
Therapists use this implementation of theory and introduce this technique to the client at the appropriate time to facilitate creativity, personal growth, and therapeutic change.


Creative art therapy can be used as a medium to capture hidden impulses, and emotions.
This technique also helps to explore unconscious secret desires and fears.
Jung¡¦s regard for imagination and creativity as one of the major forces of healing. Jung also introduced therapist to the role of active participant in the creative endeavor.

Free association

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It also helps the client to relieve past memories and some thing concrete to hold onto. Works may become gifts to give to those who are close. The gifts serve as symbols of connections between family and friends.

„h Neurological disorders
Creative art therapy can be used to help the client with distorted body image and frustration of neurological disorder.

„h Mental Retardation
Art therapy allows the client to experiment with imaginary and real life situations. Creative art therapy provides a mod for communication of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

„h Schizophrenia
Art therapist technique help the client to organize thought patterns. Art therapy helps the client to communicate what his or her world is. Verbalization of ideas and thoughts.

„h Depression
Art therapy gives to the depressed client: the touch, feel, and sense of self worth that the client may feel is missing. Art offers the depressed client space to create his or her own self -discovery yet with in the protection of a warm caring atmosphere.

„h Relaxation
Art therapy can be used as an information-gathering tool. For example a child may not feel comfortable talking to the therapist about feelings, but the same child may feel quite comfortable drawing a picture about those feelings and help interpret the drawing to the therapist. Labeling of feeling may sometimes be difficult for a client; art therapy is own way for the client to express feelings and
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