Creative Concepts Of Creative Ideas

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How does a creative idea come to one? Where does it come from and why does it occur? We, as human race, have been asking these questions for centuries. (Tanner Christensen, 2013). Creative ideas are the result of a wide-ranged experimentation on the part of our subconscious. These brilliant life-changing ideas are generated, bizarrely truthful, inside us which are strengthened and created by our experiences and thoughts. The brain desires to come up with innovative thoughts. All businesses and individuals use ideas in many ways. Ideas define our lives. They feature in our everyday lives, corporate world; creating and shaping new ideas are vital in advertising and in the development and enhancement of new products, new services and all sorts of websites. Managing the design of the ideas requires a clear methodology. Creative people require freedom to use their abilities. The creative process consists of different working phases. Throughout a particular piece of inventive work, each phase should be practiced many times. Imagine putting a puzzle together (a process) while having the box of pieces in front. Firstly, be clear about the aims, what is the purpose of the project (TV Ad in this case)? This is where the process begins. One needs to agree and confirm with others involved the real purpose of the project. Creative ideas will always have a propensity to zoom off in strange and magnificent directions. It is in the nature of creative people and their process. It 's easy to
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