Creative Executive Of Mods : An Embarrassment For Smartphone Users

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Creative Executive of MODS An embarrassment for smartphone users is how they have continuously carry around their chargers and plug-in speakers. The Outlet v1 offers a solution to towards the hassle of carrying around too many electronics. Outlet v1 is a product like no other. This product is a smartphone that has everything in one. Outlet v1 is made by MODS Company. MODS has come a long way to develop this advance smartphone, and will fulfill the needs of every individual who wishes to stop the hassles of dragging around extra devices. MODS created a cool product that this culture will admire. According to Maasik and Solomon, “A cultural mythology or value system, then, is a kind of lens that governs the way we view our world” (18). The…show more content…
It would let users to swap out modules or upgrade individual desires. Modules can provide common smartphone features, such as cameras and speakers, but can also provide more specialized features. For instance, laser pointers, night vision sensors, hiking tracker, etc. This phone is a customizable phone. Instead of one’s phone losing battery life, they can just slide a new battery life into their phone and continue with their day. Another example of these useful modules is the advanced camera. Social Medias like Facebook and Instagram are all about posting pictures. An individual cannot only take a regular picture but with the camera module they can explore the fun settings of this particular module. One setting is the selective focus that can make the picture look professional. The Outlet v1 will have solid colors, like black, blue, gray, and white. The starter packet will $450, which will include four modules. These four modules are extra battery life, advanced camera, speaker, and sustainable GPS. Not only is the purpose beneficial, but the hardworking employees are what make the product so good. MODS should receive support because of our committed employees. The Marketing Manager is in charge of targeting the audience. They work very hard to get the attention of the audience. The usual target age group of customers ranges from the 20s to 50s or even older, as long as the person has the ability to buy and use the products that MODS has to offer in the
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