Creative In Schools

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Do schools provide students with enough opportunities to be creative? Most children in the United States start school at the young age of five. Normally children are looking forward to the art class part of their day. You with often see drawings on notebooks kids will keep with them on their binders/school supplies. So are schools taking this joy away at too early of an age? Should art or other creative classes be taken more seriously? And finally why are these creative classes one of the first to go if the schools are having budgeting problems?
Are schools taking away creative classes away at too early of an age? Typically a child will begin their regular five classes that they will go to everyday around fifth grade. At this point the child is only about 10-11 years old. This means that normal art and other creative sparks will soon diminish and be replaced with the troubles of succeeding and or expectations that schools push. Middle schools in the U.S. normally no longer allow recess so not only does the school system no longer push art creativity they also block out
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Did art or music come to mind? Art and music are always the first ones to get cut but why? Is this because these creative programs aren't taken seriously enough? If you ask your art or any elective teacher you will soon learn that they have taught at more than one school and not by choice. This is probably because they have been fired for budgeting reasons.
Today society doesn't pay enough attention to creativity. Schools don't allow students to express their creative sides and because of this it's affecting the way society views it as well. Some people will say that art or music like things are a waste of time and will get you know where. This is a result of cutting it out at a young age and not expressing the real importance of calming hobbies/jobs. Do you take enough time to express your joys in
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