Creative Learning Through Cultural Competency

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Creative Learning through the Use of Simulation to Teach Nursing Students SBIRT for Alcohol and Other Drug Use in a Culturally Competent Manner
Schools of Nursing prepare their graduates to meet the needs of diverse patient populations by providing cultural competency education. An integral component in undergraduate education, cultural competency in nursing, supports patient-centered care addressing patients’ cultural differences, values, spiritual, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation preferences. The goals of providing educational sessions on cultural diversity, awareness, and sensitivity are for students to gain the understanding, knowledge, and skills allowing them to improve the quality of patient care. While Schools of Nursing seek to include diverse learning experiences providing application of culturally sensitive care practices, increasing patient acuity and faculty shortages affect the ways we must educate our students. Wilson, et al., (2012) state that “It is no longer possible for students in any health discipline to remain focused on local or national health care problems” (p. 213). This emphasis on global health gives students the skills necessary to provide clinically competent, safe, and culturally appropriate care (Wilson, et. al., 2012). Global health refers to “…improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide” (Wilson, et. al., 2012, p. 214).
Another aspect of cultural education in nursing student education

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