Creative Media Lecture : A Classroom Environment

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One of the main objectives working as Creative Media lecture is to create a classroom environment that is conducive towards learning while still fostering student creativity. This is balancing act and one which I have been continuously developing since starting in Further Education teaching over a year and a half ago.
Sir Ken Robinson (2006) argues that our educational systems “stigmatise mistakes” and students have “become frightened of being wrong.” He goes on to argue that our schools are killing creativity as students are less likely to take a chance with an answer out of fear of being wrong and instead provide a safer answer, therefore killing the creative thought process. This argument is summarised as “if you 're not prepared to be wrong, you 'll never come up with anything original.”
In my own teaching experience I have found in order to harness creativity students require a certain amount of flexibility to a lesson so learning can take place. Before beginning my Certificate in Teacher Training I found it difficult to allow students to take control of the learning as I felt my role was to teach. But I am beginning to realise that my role should be one of a facilitator or a “guide on the side” rather than a “sage on the stage”. (McWilliam, 2009). In order to achieve this an approach to teaching that encourages creativity through independent learning is required.
This essay will therefore discuss and reflect on how best to achieve this approach. Firstly it will…
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