Creative Myth Essay

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kevin chen
Mr. Gulack
English 1, period 7
24 May 2011

Creative myth

Before days, people were as tall as mountains. They walked on everything they come across. But one day there was a hero named Wu Long. He had killed lots of villains and has saved the people in the country. He had control of two powers that had been pasted to him by his family. One is the “fire eternal flame”. That could kill anyone if you’re the target. Also the other power he had is o He had two types of secret weapon in his pockets. One is the hand bladed, is a spearheaded shaped knives, complete with a handle and a hole. It doubles as a light weight throwing knife and close combat melee weapon. The hole may be attached to string or wires. Due to the
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When the gods and goddesses go bowling, everyone knows that they are very upset, therefore they cry. These tears shed by the gods and goddesses up in the heavens come together and give us rain. The rain can be light, slow, and steady. This pattern shows that the gods and goddesses are just stressed. When the rain is heavy and mad, the gods and goddesses are downright furious. These types of rains could cause floods.
During the bowling adventure, the clatter of the bowling ball hitting the hardwood floor then hitting the pins head on cause the rolls of thunder. When the thunder is soft and mellow, it is most likely the goddesses that bowl lightly with grace. The earsplitting rolls of thunder symbolize the gods that throw the ball fiercely without aim. So when it thunders, there is no need to hide under the covers, the gods and goddesses are just hanging out and having fun.
The many colors of lighting that are thrown across the sky symbolize the strikes and spares that the gods and goddesses make. It is really that simple. The more strikes and spares, the merrier the gods and goddesses are. Next time there is lightning dancing across the sky; just know that there is a really exciting bowling game taking place up in the heavens.
In closing, thunderstorms are really an act of the gods and goddesses. It is a way they get rid of stress that we have caused. They would never want us to
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