Creative Nonfiction Analysis

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The strangeness of creative nonfiction, as far as I can see, comes from the flexibility of the genre—there is almost a chaos to it, because, we are after all trying to wrangle a true story by telling it in the best way one can. The range of literary tools creative nonfiction writers can pull from can be intimidating and at times one might forget the diversity of said tools at their disposal. For me, the nature of creative nonfiction is far more complicated than I still have yet to grasp in full. I do often forget all of the literary tools that are waiting to be used. The is much room for complication within the genre, at every turn. Paisley Redkal says something early on in the video about a specific piece of creative nonfiction and as she…show more content…
Creative nonfiction has to do more with utilizing fact to find connection to emotion and ideas—to frame more expansive ideas within a coalescing narrative. Some of it feels like speculation—my experience of this creative nonfiction project has felt like philosophical searching—looking under rocks to find someone telling me where to go next in order to properly inform the growing text. As I watched both Paisley and Eula Biss express their ideas, it’s clear that our limited lexicon can be troublesome when it comes to what and how we express a story, especially one based in reality, considering reality itself is subjective and separate already. As I write, I think I see that this genre is an effort to unite—it is a very human genre, one that mines truth in order to ask and answer bigger questions and find the tiny connections of human nature. The sociological aspects of creative nonfiction inherently excite me while also being a giant challenge to put all onto paper. I’m not convinced if I can do it all perfect justice, but like the chaotic work of being human, I will
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