Creative Patient Education

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Creative Patient Education A good example of patient information presentation is to encourage patients to learn to care for themselves (Overgaard, 2009). This presentation requires critical thinking with factors, such as age, education, race, health literacy, and health status (Cutilli, 2010). The most common and trusted source of health information is from health professionals. The first step would be to find out how the patient learns best. Some people are good at reading and understanding material and, then, following it while others learn best by writing things down in their own handwriting, and still others, learn best by doing things to get the feel of it. Talking with the patient and asking questions can help determine how a patient learns things the best way for them. Letting the patient play with equipment that would be used at home will increase the comfort level of the patient doing their own care at home. The same goes if the patient would be required to perform a test at home, such as a blood glucose test to monitor the blood sugar. Letting the patient experiment in front of the nurse ensures the patient is performing the task correctly and increases the patient's confidence in performing the task at home. Encouraging preplanning will enable the patient to think about and ensure their own plans when going home. Letting them make their own list of needed supplies help the patient to determine what will be needed and what must be done to meet the need
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