Creative Play Essay

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For children it is essential that creative play is learned at an early age. Although, some people would diagree and suggest that organized activaties is a more efficent way for the child to learn. However, a child will benefit more from playing games such as hide and seek, or tag. Another aspect gained from creative play is the abilty to become a logical thinker and simply obtain promblem solving skills. These are skills that a child must aquire in order to be a succesful and productive member in society.

A creative imagination is an essential part of a childs development. Simply by playing made up games while using their vivid imagination allows the child to grown in so many benefical ways. This creative side to the child will also enable them to learn excellent intrepersonsal skills such as leadership, verbal communication and negotiation techniques that will be highly sought after in there adult life.This freedom to use imagination is very differnt from organized actviaties, in
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Expressing yourself as child will depend on how your raised. For example if a child is brought up in a caring, loving, enviroment he or she will most likely be able to express themselves in a proper manner. If the child is raised in a dysfuntional enviroment, this may lead to problmes in school where they may lash out or even experience disiplanary action. This is why creative play is a crucial role in the childs development. Although creative play is the most essential part of a childs upbringing, having a well-organized support system in place for the child will also play a significant role. With creative play your child will more than likely become a proficent, logical, thinker and problem solver, who develops the abilty to express themselves without worry for
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