Creative Problem Solvency Goal

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I am a highly creative problem solver seeking to be a part of an innovative team. I offer AbbVie six years of project management experiences and 13 years of IT background. I am currently employed as a Project Manager and Process Improvement Consultant at Carle Foundation Hospital. We recently finished a campaign to save $10,000,000. My current responsibilities include another campaign to save additional $20,000,000 for 2016 and a program to increase Utilization Management (UM). Our goals for the UM is to balance patient care, risk, and cost across the organization. It is an interdisciplinary and cross functional approach. I am leading a team to empower the c-level executives, hospital administrations, and medical professionals to effectively…show more content…
My clients always complimented me on finding the right solutions at the right time. They appreciated that I am flexible and adaptable to their unique challenges. In the matrix structure organization, I was able to negotiate the win/win solutions that are reasonable and practical by focusing on the data. Using marketing, public relation, research, and data analytic principles as well as building relationships and consensus, I directed initiatives and helped saved over $500,000 for the university during my employment. Furthermore, I had the privilege of single-handedly supporting over 350 staff for three years. Consequently, I learned to be agile, to think outside the box, and to work effectively and efficiently. The experience also provided me with excellent face to face customer service skills. When you look at my resume, you will notice that I have strong leadership skills and hands-on technical experience. I have such an enthusiasm for leadership because it is a way to empower the teams to exceed their potential. Helping people exceed their potential is where my passion lies. I set visions for the projects and hand-on support when needed. Since technology constantly changes, being able to perform continuous improvement has been one of my success factors. In conclusion, I submit this application with a great confidence that I am the right person for the job. If you give me a chance, I can offer you not only the technical experience, but also over 13 years of lessons learned. I am available for video conference and willing to pay for the travel expense for in person interviews. I am looking forward to talking with you. Please feel free to reach out to me
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