Creative Problem Solving Process

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Some believe that problem solvers are born with abilities of analytical and rational thinking. On the other hand some consider problem solving as a skill that can be learned by the people which makes them capable of solving complex problems successively with a number of different solutions (Vangundy, 1987)
Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a method for solving a problem or meeting a challenge in an innovative and imaginative way. It is a complex process that helps the people to define the problem, come up with different new ideas, innovative solutions and take action to reach to implement solution (Proctor, 2010).
Alex Osborn and Sidney Parnes were pioneers in the field of creativity. They developed Creative Problem Solving Institution (CPSI) in 1955 (Reynolds and Janzen, 2007) and performed deep research to examine the different steps of problem solving. Their struggle in this field resulted structuring the roots for "Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process" (CPS). Although CPS is a structural process but it also has an advantage of being a flexible. It is a very useful and practical approach that can be used for solving the everyday problems (Treffinger, Isaksen and Dorval, 2006).
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