Creative Product Promotion Bnd Level 3 Business

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Task 1
Introduction to the promotional mix
Every business will require the use of a promotional mix as without this you could have the best product at the best price but you will never generate any sales. Businesses need to make use of various above and below the line promotions to sell their products.
(I have found a quote that backs up my views on the promotional mix and gives another basic insight for its implicational meaning)
(The combination of personal selling, public relations, advertising, sales promotion, sponsorships, direct mail, and trade shows that are utilized in promoting a good or service. The appropriate mix is the combination that produces the best results for a given budget. Steven Sheridan, Business Promotion)
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This business is completely different to Burger King in products, company size and value.
However Anderson and Wall still advertise their business using above and below the line promotion techniques, these are listed below:
Above the line
Anderson and Wall often advertise their business on BCR FM this is Bridgwater’s own radio station. This radio station is only listened to by people living in the Bridgwater area meaning it is relatively cheap to advertise on and it still is herd by the local target audience.
Local newspaper
Anderson and Wall post a weekly add in the Bridgwater Gazette, this is a small newspaper meaning it is relatively cheap to advertise in. This form of advertising is again alike using the radio as it is only seen by people potential local customers.
Anderson and Wall promote their business online as this is very cheap and has a massive target audience. The internet is a very good source of advertisement as it allows Anderson and Wall to promote its products to a large target audience, a lot bigger than their local promotions. An example of this is Anderson and Wall having an internet shop selling products and posting them to their customers.

Anderson and wall also promote their products in a catalogue; this can be ordered online from their website. This is a good idea as they are very cheap to

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