Creative Proposals And Innovative Solutions

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3. Creative proposals and innovative solutions
Taking into consideration that nowadays grocery store market is extremely highly competitive in all segments and formats (Biedronka,Carrefour, Auchan , Lidl…). One can also observe the evolution of attitudes among consumers who, encouraged by the low prices of basic products, increasingly purchased luxury goods, which only recently appeared regularly on shopping lists. French wines, Greek olives and Spanish ham are no longer rare delicacies bought only for grand occasions but products consumed regularly in many households. Accelerating e-commerce: the total value of on line sales of fast moving consumer goods in Poland is estimated to be EUR 120 million. Due to the rapid growth of this segment, this market is expected to be worth twice as much by 2018. Both the number of transactions and the average value of the basket are increasing rapidly (for Tesco, the average on line basket is already 4–5 times larger than traditional shopping). However, the availability and increasing popularity of mobile applications can pose a challenge for many companies. Not all chains—far from it—have launched on line shopping services.
Moreover, when it comes to customers, the standard of living and consumption are still growing, demand for luxury goods is growing as well. Analysis of the demand for luxury goods in the crisis of 2008-2009, indicates that the demand for luxury goods not fell, and even

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