Creative Story : A Short Story

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Huge fire burning. Screams louder and louder as the night goes on. People one by one. A huge bonfire party was going. The night of a lifetime. The biggest party of the year. But Skyler a tall brown haired brown eyed girl and her best friend Rylie a blonde haired harsh green eyed girl didn’t mind missing the blast. The girls were out for danger and more than they had planned. Rylie honestly didn't want to go threw with the plan her best friend Skyler had come up with but she went anyways. In Georgia there was a big town called Carrollton and there was an old abandon house that had legends upon legends about it. The most popular being a old lady lived there with her husband and the husband went crazy and made a lab in the basement to try to kill the ones who had disrespected him. And like now at least one person did not agree with it but let it happen. But one day his lab test went wrong and killed the woman and the husband. And the man is still going and working to kill each and every person. “I don't wanna do this sky.” Rylie paused. “My mom died kinda like this poor woman and I don't wanna get into that” However Skyler was convinced that it was not true and everyone was being a wimp so her and Rylie had to find out. As they approached the house all they both could think about was what would happen beyond the old run down wood and broken glass. As they stepped up on the creaky stairs the door pushed open.
“Rylie it was just the wind no big deal.” Skyler told her but
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