Creative Story : A Short Story

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In this passage there are many symbols that show how Lily has many sides to herself and how a simple chain can mean a future with someone she would have never expected. “I promise. He lifted the chain with his dog tag from around his neck and lowered it over my head. So you won’t forget, okay? The silver rectangle dropped down under my shirt where it dangled cold between my breasts. Zachary Lincoln Taylor, resting there, along my heart”( Kidd 231). The predominant symbol in the passage was the chain. It represented the love there is between Zach and Lily. That one day he will come back for her. Throughout the passage it was unsure whether they were going to pursue the relationship or not. They kissed in the beginning of the passage, but ultimately they decided not to pursue at the moment because of the prejudice they would receive by being together. “Water can be so shiny in the dark. We stood on the bank and watched the moving pockets of light, letting the water sounds swell up around us. We were still holding hands, and I felt his fingers tighten around mine”(Kidd 229). The water is a symbol for the different feelings Lily has inside. For example, she talks about how she loves the river, how she wants to swim and suck on river stones. However, there was that one incident where at the pond, boys held her down and hooked a fish stringer to her neck. She also saw May die in the river, which was a horrific scene. The incidents that happen to her whenever she is near the water

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