Creative Story : A Short Story

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During the day before anything happened me and my friend Joseph made our way home to my house from the hiking trail we went on together he said to me when we were about to walk into the back yard when he said hey tonight I'm going to be riding my bike in Dover with my friend Ariel do you want to come with and for some reason I said yes. So he said I'll call you when it's time to go and well meet at my house I said ok again and he started making his way home. Later on that day during that night at about eleven o'clock I got a text on ovum from Joseph telling me to go over to his house (ovum is a video chatting, calling, and texting app). So I quietly got out of bed and sneaked up my stares to the front door and unlocked both locks making sure to not let my dog around the corner from me hear. So after I got outside I ran to the backyard grabbed my bike with my phone in my pocket next to my power bank that has a built in flashlight. So I hurry over to Joseph's house and I see him outside I say hey he says hi back and he tells me to follow him and I agree too. From there it was like a half an hour bike ride over to meet Ariel but we finally meet at Walmart. I say hi to Ariel and he says hi back as Joseph introduces us because we had never met before. Then we go around in the Walmart parking lot as Adriel showed us some cool bike tricks. The we go up a slope and he asks to try my bike to I let him on and I tried his little did I know there

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