Creative Story : A Short Story

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Feeling something small nick your cheek, you fade back into the almost empty restaurant. The group B.A.P surrounds you in laughter. Another hit lands near your eye, you scan the small crowded table. Zelo. Bored and searching for trouble, he finishes loading the straw with paper bullets, aiming at you. Knowing no one is paying any attention you pretend to slice your neck, signaling for him to quit or he's dead meat. He simply points the straw toward DaeHyun. A devious smile growing. "You never tried to eat crayons when you were a kid," YongJae asks as the camera phone zoomed in on him reaching for a crayon the restaurant provides for children. Someone in the background said each one had a different taste. He grips DaeHyun's shoulder as he handed it to him. Hesitant, Daehyun eyes it, not sure if the guys were trying to trick him. YongJae gives him encouragement then glances over to Jong-Up for support. Soon DaeHyun takes a bite, resulting to his face crinkling in disgust. He gives YongJae a little push as he tries to get the black wax off his teeth. Zelo watches in the background grinning. "Hyung, of course black is gross! Try green, that's my favorite. Taste like Lime." "Sounds like lies." DaeHyung concentrates on his phone's camera, trying to be dramatic. "Am I gonna die? I feel like I'm gonna die." You couldn't help but watch DaeHyung get his leg pulled again. Hopefully , it's for the camera. Zelo takes a seat next to him, slowly getting into his head. He warns them if
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