Creative Story : A Short Story

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In a small town called Cape Town in South Africa, a young 14-year-old girl was walking down the streets heading home after school with her 2 friends Arlene and Abdu, as they were walking 4 men approached them and they were shoved into a white BMW. All three girls were screaming but the men quickly silenced them by holding each girl between their knees and tied their hands with rope and blindfolded them. None the girls were aware of what was going to happen to them or where they were going but they knew enough to be frightened since they had all caught a glimpse of the gun one man had. When the car finally stopped they told them to get out and follow them, although one girl later said it was very difficult since they were blindfolded and their hands were tied. The men took all three girls to a room where the blindfold and ropes were removed. The young girl later described the next moments like this. “We stayed in the room locked away until what we thought was the next day. We talked amongst ourselves and didn’t know what was going on or what was going to happen to us. Then the following day all four men came into the room. Two of them took Arlene and Abdu, one of them stood to block me from getting out the door, and the other one stood by the bed where I was shouting that they should let us go. The one by the bed slapped me in the face, then one of the men that had taken my friends away came back & each of the three men raped me over & over again for what seemed like
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