Creative Story : A Short Story

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The voices continue upstairs, growing louder as time goes on; James hears the clock ticking, seconds seeming to go by faster and faster, his heart mimicking their rapid rate. He takes a shaky breath and considers, just for a moment, turning around and leaving. Surely there are ways around this. Surely he can do something else besides this. This can’t be the only option. No one even knew he came here today, if he left it would almost be like he was never here. He moves to grab his hat and leave, the sooner the better, but just then she appears at the top of the staircase. Suddenly everything in the house seems unsightly in her presence; the stain glass windows, the velvet curtains, the ornate lamps, all hideous compared to her. He sucks in his breath unintentionally, before remembering his hatred of her; he immediately recomposes himself. His reaction is understandable; her alluring looks capture the interest of everyone, gaining her the reputation for the most beautiful girl in town. He knows from personal experience, however, that her beauty is only skin deep. She glances around the foyer, as if scanning the area for the distasteful reason her morning tea was interrupted. Her eyes find his and a small smile crosses her face. She descends the stairs slowly, leaving James uncomfortably questioning whether he should wait to speak or begin talking while she walks towards him. Before he can decide, she begins her form of a greeting. “You know, you really should have sent a

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