Creative Story : A Short Story

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Selison opens his eyes and sees a vast expanse of trees surrounding him. They reach beyond his sight and despite no trace of sunlight, the forest is exceptionally well lit. It is silent, though. There are no calls or screeches from any animals. The trees don’t sway and no insects crawl on the dirt beneath his feet. All around him is a silent, endless forest. With a deep breath, Selison reaches back for Deomacht. He gasps softly when it isn’t on his back. “That won’t work, not in here,” a voice warns. Selison twists around and is surprised to see a short woman standing several feet in front of him. She is wearing a short, flowing dress. It is white and has a single, thick strap over her right shoulder. There is a black, circular pendant attached to the strap directly in front of her shoulder. Her black curly hair extends past her shoulders. Her skin is very pale and her eyes are a deep brown. She is thin with arms and legs like twigs. Her arms are folded as she stares at Selison with a grin on her face. “Kasol,” Selison says coldly. The woman smiles wider and even giggles slightly. “No need to be so crass. This is the first time we’ve met face to face and might I say, I like what I see,” Kasol says looking Selison up and down. Selison sneers at her but quickly blows it off. “Keep up the attitude all you like. You’re stuck here with me pretty boy.” “That was the plan so I guess I should be happy I’m here,” Selison says looking around. “That’s the spirit. Never thought a Chaosn
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