Creative Story : A Short Story

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His hands got sweaty grasping the bomb in his hand, if only he had time. Mathu ran towards the ocean, barely throwing the bomb into the sea before it exploded. He said, “Why did I just make that simple mistake cutting of the red wire and now I'm going to get fired s***.” While he returned to the bomb squad department, he got called into the manager's office, knowing this was the end of his career. There was a significant SLAM on the desk as he opened the door.
“You could've risked many innocent lives today Mathu,” said the manager in a voice echoing through the empty hallways beyond the door.
“It was a simple mistake, no one got hurt, I threw it into the ocean,” said Matthew in a shaky voice.
“What if there was no ocean? What would you have done then?” said the manager. The lecturing went on for a long time before he calmed down. The manager took a deep breath and said: “I’m very disappointed in you, I will have to terminate you.”
He got upset and said that “this is the only job which provides money for my family in Sri Lanka in a quiet and disappointed voice. He walked out the office with a frustrated and sad face. He drove back to his apartment when suddenly a call came on his iPhone 8+ from Sri Lanka he didn’t notice who it was until it was his mom he said I was sorry to all of that yelling that was happening. He kept making up lies until his mother said bye. He said that “he would be coming back to Sri Lanka in 20 days”, so he headed back to his apartment quick to pack

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