Creative Story : A Short Story

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A girl named Meg Murry just starting high school. The middle kid and only daughter go downstairs in a storm to find her little brother Charles Wallace waiting for her. They later I found out that kythe can communicate with her mind without speaking. This is the first sign of the special abilities Charles Wallace develops throughout the story. During this storm, the children’s first guide appears at the Murrays’ door dressed as an old homeless woman and calling herself Mrs. Whatsit. She goes on and tells the family that the tesseract is real. The tesseract is a formula explaining time travel, Which Mr. Murray was exploring at the time of his disappearance When Meg and Charles go to visit Mrs. Whatsit they encounter Calvin, a student with Meg who tells them he also followed a sense that led him to come to Mrs. Whatsit’s house at the same time. They go to the house where they meet Mrs. Who. She tells the kids to leave and that she and her men will get them when the time comes.

Meg spends days attempting to come to an understanding with herself and her unhappy situation at school, where her teachers think she is not smart and she’s not doing well. She also struggles with her own insecurities because she compares her ugliness to the beauty of her mother and other people. However she knows that Charles is special and that she has something like a special connection to him. Then, they walk in the garden they run into these two guides and a new one who seems only as a
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