Creative Story : A Short Story

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As the late moonlight shone upon a typical American suburban household, sounds of two fourteen-year-olds laughing could be heard throughout the house. One male and one female they continued laughing as the duo played a video game of sorts. The male was sporting a red hoodie, his hair a deep brown. The girl hair blonde glowing effortlessly as if it were the sun. Her eyes a deep blue and her clothes a casual blue dress which held in contrast to the boy to her left. The atmosphere was lively blaring excitement throughout the otherwise empty household "Third time I've beaten you, if that match wasn't so close id of thought you were losing your touch Jack" The girl teased immaturely "Yeah well you got lucky (as...usual), besides its been fun I'm going to bed Star." The boy yawned and slowly trudged up the stairs lackadaisically as he approached the peak of the stairs he turned to the girl "You should go to bed soon, school tomorrow" (He was always like this, Always taking the safe option) "What me? Stay up late?!! What a ridiculous statement" She shouted endearingly She stayed playing for about 10 minutes before exhaustingly retreating to the guest room and fell into a deep slumber within minutes. Star woke sluggishly still tired from staying up to a time, She turned looking at her alarm clock "7 am?" she sighed burrowing her head back into the covers. She was drifting off to unconsciousness until she heard light movement, It was so light it almost felt deliberate. Of course
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