Creative Story : A Short Story

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What was that? DeNyce thought as she shivered in the tent. It was chilly that night, but not enough to make you genuinely shiver. The blood-curdling scream she’d heard came from the broken-down, spooky house that her friends were in. [at least she thought] Were the rumours true that Nancy had said? No, DeNyce consoled herself, Ghosts aren’t real. She didn’t want to say anything to make her presence known to whoever or whatever was there! Wait a minute, it’s 12:01 a.m! It’s my birthday! DeNyce thought to herself, my friends aren’t even here to celebrate… like always… Come to think of it, I wonder where my friends are… I feel hurt they sort of abandoned me here. She heard the wind whistling outside, the owls hooting, and saw the faint lights of cars on the evening of Halloween. This environment was like a horror movie! DeNyce was concerned about the safety of her friends if it was this scary in the tent. What can I do… I can stay here like a coward, or go out there and help my friends! It took DeNyce a minute to think, seeing and saving her friends was her main priority.
After thinking about it for some time, DeNyce finally built up her courage and then decided she was going to the old, eerie, abandoned house after all. The spooky-scariness won’t get the best of me, or my friends! The tent teased DeNyce and said she was too easily frightened. She ignored the remark, and set out next door! It was a little chilly that night, but that wasn’t going to stop her! It was time for

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