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Creative Story: Lycanthrope      You think you know a person. You think you know them, right up until the day they come out and tell you about all their deep, dark secrets and this whole other life they've been leading that you never even knew about. At least, that was the case with my good friend, Lyle Lawrence Kingly.      My name, for the information of the curious, is Niles Jameson. I knew Lyle Kingly for a good many years and was actually an associate of his for a short time. We eventually went our separate ways, I pursuing my career of choice, he pursuing his. I still think he was just a little too young to go into the private investigation business, but we called it 'creative…show more content…
     "Secrets that you wouldn't tell anyone but those you trusted?" Yes.      "Well, I've got one of those secrets, a dangerous one."      "What is it?" I said to him quietly. And then he told me.      "Niles, you've heard the stories, the ones they always tell at Halloween -- about people who change into animals?"      "Yes, but I don't see what that has to do with you, Lyle."      "Niles, I-- I find that the direct approach works best."      "WHAT! Lyle, what are you talking about?"      "I -- I'm a lycanthrope."      "You're a what?"      "A lycanthrope."      "A -- A--"      "A lycanthrope."      I was beginning to fear for not only my friend's life, but for his sanity.      "A-- A lycanthrope. You're a lycanthrope."      "Yes."      "Like a werewolf."

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