Creative Story: Surrounded By Shadows

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Surrounded by Shadows There is always a moment of quiet before the storm. Looking to the sky in the July light, everything seemed at peace. Even the carts horses on the road seemed to be non-existent. In a few minutes the bells would ring across the, grey and brown town, of Cambridge. Their song would float over the river Cam where she was lying. Hazel Hume was sitting in the emerald grass of Magdalene Orchard. Turning her head towards the sky the brilliant blue seemed to stretch on forever on top of her. The smog of the city made the colour a rarity. This plot of land had not yet been tainted like the dirt cluttered streets of central Cambridge. She rolled her head and neck and they popped with a satisfying click; she had been laying face-up for too…show more content…
You are not here! You promised to love me but now you will never marry me. Which is exactly what the Lords and Ladies wanted in your household.” More tears were cascading down her face. They were streaming fast and she had to grip onto the pews, to steady herself. “I hate the Witch Act Queen Elizabeth has instigated!” She could feel him trying to comfort her, though every time he touched her body, it seemed to shiver, crawling away. “You were going to go to war! You were going to be my husband in a few months and eventually a father to my child. We were going to fight the Queen’s demands together.” “Hazel you are not a witch! Your family may have had a past with it, but you are too kind, gentle and honest, you are not a witch. Your family history is unfortunate circumstance but you are you. I will forever love you. Right now, you need to find my killer. You need to prove to the authorities you are innocent. My family will be looking for blood and think it is you, they will place a high price on your head.” He said. “Why would they believe that? I love you! I would never hurt you, even if I,” Hazel gulped, “am a commoner.” “It is only a matter till they try and blame you, my love.” “Who were
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