Creative Talent And Risk Of Pixar

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Former CTO and current President of Pixar, Edwin Catmull, describes in his article How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity of 2008 the numerous aspects used at the pioneer of computer animation for structuring and operating a creative organization. He bases his outline on the key assumption that finding and supporting smart people is much more important to Pixar than good individual ideas (Catmull, 2008). The principles and practices for managing creative talent and risk are proven successful and were transferred to the revived Disney Animation Studio after the merger in 2006.
Pixar sees its creativity supporting structure as a competitive advantage based on the fact that all nine released films were huge commercial successes and scored with critics (Catmull, 2008). Additionally, Pixar never hat to buy scripts or movie ideas from external sources. After the article was written, Pixar released fived more films. All of them were again commercial successes, but critics consistently received Cars 2 of 2011 as “Pixar 's First Bad Movie” (Tyler, 2011). After 2008 and after the adaption of Pixar’s organizational structure Disney Animation Studios released seven new films, they showed an enormous increase in critical ratings and an overall decent financial success (Kays, 2013).
After the bad reviews of Cars 2 and criticism about Pixar recently focusing too much on established franchises, Catmull announced that the studio plans to significantly scale back its production of sequels
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