Creative Task - Macbeth (English A1 - Ib Higher Level

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The text presented is a script of a TV program on Macbeth. The text emphasizes how ambition can bring a person to its downfall and make him appear as evil. The text depicts how ambition can lead a man to his downfall and make him look as evil hence trying to show an understanding of Macbeth’s inner self through one man’s point of view.
Macbeth is an anti-hero whose ambition has cost him his soul, his peace and his sleep. Macbeth is introduced as a worthy gentleman and a noble thane (Glamis). At the beginning of the play, Macbeth is given a prophecy. He is predicted to be the Thane of Cawdor and then King of Scotland. However, it is also predicted that his best friend’s (Banquo) descendants will be kings. The ambition in
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Macbeth’s ambition became the cause of his inevitable downfall. He was not evil by nature. His actions were determined by his greed for power. Macbeth was a good man. His actions through the beginning of the play lead us to believe he was not an evil person. Nevertheless, he is vulnerable to ambition. He is an easy prey to his ambitious desires therefore is capable of doing deeds he knows are wrong. Macbeth is easily misled. He shows weakness of character, hence is easily persuaded by the witches and his wife. Once he overcomes the barrier his principles create in him, evil begins to fill his mind. His ambition filled him with evil and brought grief to those surrounding him. As a result, he caused chaos, pain and suffering on a mass scale to the entire and innocent Scotland.
Although Macbeth was overcome by ambition, there is still evidence of the values and principles in him. Macbeth’s guilt caused in him a great deal of mental agony which brought as a result constant hallucinations. Within every single action or decision Macbeth made, he was aware that what he was doing was wrong. In spite of this, he committed the deeds.
So, we can say that Macbeth was just blinded by his ambition?
In other words… Yes
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