Creative Thinking : Creativity And Innovation Essay

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Change, creativity and innovation are essential elements for survival and growth of an organization. Creativity is vital for the birth of fresh and beneficial ideas. Creative thinking allows groups and individuals to solve problems or stimulate to think differently in order to bring forth fruitful ideas. The above mentioned creative thinking enabled our team of six different personalities to come together and implement a plan to solve a complex problem in a hospital. Our assigned task was to recommend a plan in order to alleviate hospital readmission among elderly population within thirty days of discharge. In this paper the author is narrating the team dynamics, functionalities and personal competencies in the process of recommending a change in the system. As a member in the innovation leadership team the author is also reflecting on the assessment, capacity for innovation in the organization which is the hospital where the team is assigned.
Organizations are dynamic living systems and change is an inherent capacity of living systems. So organizations need people who can perceive, understand and work effectively in order to make positive changes (Dawson & Andriopoulos, 2014). Our team assessed the organization which was the hospital where the readmissions of elderly population have increased. The assessment revealed the possible causative factors behind the readmission of elderly before thirty days of discharge. Patients may not recollect all the discharge
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