Creative Thinking Saves the Day

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Positive mental ability:

PMA is the most important aspect of any attractive personality; indeed, it is crucial to many of the Seventeen Principles of Success. PMA influences your tone of voice, your posture, your facial expressions. It modifies every word you say and every emotion you feel. It affects every thought you have and the results your thoughts bring you.

ASSEMBLE AN ATTRACTIVE PERSONALITY Being able to adapt yourself quickly to changing circumstances and emergencies without panic or loss of temper is a significant skill as you struggle toward success.

The yes-man is a universal object of derision precisely because everyone recognizes his insincerity.

The cheapest and most profitable quality in
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Don 't mistake humility for timidity; true humility is a recognition that even the great folk are, in the scheme of human existence, only fragments of the hole. Recognize that the blessing you have a re a gift to be used for the common good, not topics for every conversation.

So, what exactly makes up a pleasing personality? Well the following are a few of the major characteristics of people with this superstar quality: • Takes a sincere interest in others These people are truly interested in what others have to share. In conversation, they ask sincere questions, then wait for their partner to respond. They make eye contact and make the effort to remember the other party 's name. In essence, they are telling the other person "I respect you, your time, and what you have to say." • Are tolerant Noting is a bigger turn off than hearing someone spew hatred. Regardless if it 's homophobic, sexist, racist, ageist, etc., intolerance and bigotry is not a good look on anyone. • Keep their word When this person makes a promise, they keep it. Period. Being dependable is becoming more of a rare trait these days. So those who shine in this area really stand out from the pack. • Stand their ground They don 't follow the crowd and hold an opinion just because it 's popular. They abide by their own moral compass. • Quick to admit when they are wrong Those who are quick to admit when they have made a mistake tend to be very secure - and that 's
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