Creative Thinking Skills For Professional Marketing Managers

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Creative thinking skills for the professional marketing managers In the competitive situation what organizations should do for standing out from the crown. Creativity is an effective tool to enhance performances across the organization for this reason companies should install creativity in to the employee’s skill (Sokolova, 2015). As managers, the creative thinking skill is very useful for managerial tasks and leading effectively team. According to the performance center defined the creative thinking skill as the ability to exploring the fresh ideas without limitations or common practice for the purpose of innovative solutions (2016). However, the creative thinking skill is not an indicator of the excellent managers if it is not embed in…show more content…
Marketing as a managerial function in an organization involves identifying the market opportunities, planning the marketing strategies, implementing marketing plans, controlling marketing activities and measuring marketing campaign….. Marketing manager take responsibility to engage those functions and encourage teams to perform as it would be the organizational objectives are successful. Particularly, marketing manager should think about creative thinking skill as the skills need to be an intelligent marketing manager. Great marketing manager did not repeat the same thing or consider situation with original aspect in the other hand people attempt to develop innovations, new solutions or wow ideas (Kaplan, 2015). In the same way, creative thinking skill was place on the list of qualification that the successful marketing manager will be, for example; Kao Australia advertised to recruit a marketing manager position on recruitment website the company refers an individual quality that marketing manager should be creative in nature. If people aspire to be a marketing manager, marketing knowledge and previous work experience are not enough it is a basic feature therefor people have to install creative thinking to be a special feature which an importance part to make people are beyond the marketing manager. To give

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