Creative Writing: 18/04/13 Dear Diary

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The night was dark; already it was 10’oclock. The new moon was already up, hanging like a freshly minted coin, in the cloudy tempest sky of ocean blue. “Please, Nishiko and Akari can we start? Im starving now!” pleaded Josephine. Both Akari and I looked at each other questioningly, but not a word was exchanged.
“Look, they won’t be here any minute soon, besides your mum did bring you to my house so I could look after you and, I am your aunty aren’t I?” she said, in her most tender tone. Akari dutifully nodded her head, but instead my legs shivered in agony as the butterflies in my stomach which had lay dormant for a short period of time, awake and fluttered within their unwilling cage. Sweats began to build in the heart of my palms as I stood ogling at her with beady eyes. Staring at the harsh 45 degree perfectly flicked eyeliner line, ameliorating illusionary the bags under her eye and stalkly wrinkles on her unctuous face. Her eyes widened in contempt as she slowly opened her mouth, as to make a word.
‘Cling, click, click’ sounded the metal door knob, Akari swiftly ran to the door in alacrity, as she opened up the timber door. “Sorry, I’m late” the voice rang in. As the door creaked wider, it disclosed her, as she came into the light.
“Mummy, you’re home” shouted Akari as she smashed herself into mum.
“Yes I am dear, and guess what I got for you?” said mum as she looked tenderly upon Akari. As if coming to realisation that we’re at Josephine’s, her face blushed in

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