Creative Writing: A Hunter's Tale

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“This is a nice change of scenery,” Hunter said.

“We’re in a prison cell,”I said blankly, glaring at him.

“I was being sarcastic,” he muttered, rolling his eyes. I paced around the perimeter of the small cell while Hunter sat nonchalantly in the middle watching me. We were trapped in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere, all because my clan thought it would be wise if he and I were to partner up on this job. Hunter and I couldn’t be any more different. He was charismatic and a ladies man, while I was introverted and didn’t think highly of the opposite gender. Not to mention we had… Let’s just say creative differences. But as much as I complained, my requests to work alone were not heard. The elders said it would be better if I
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A single torch lit up the long hallway, casting their flickering shadows onto the wall, along with the shadows of their weapons. Hunter looked over at me, and for the first time, I saw concern. We quickly stood up and peered through the bars of the cell.

“What did the boss say to do with the prisoners?” a man’s voice asked.

“He said he has no use for them anymore, he got what he needed, and we are to eliminate them,” the second man replied. My eyes widened and I looked over at Hunter, honestly scared for my life.

“It’s okay, we’ll be fine,” he reassured me quietly, “follow my lead.”

The guards had reached our cell and were fumbling with the keys to open it. The blade of a rather large axe shined from the glow of the torch, reminding me the stakes were high. The second guard walked into the cell, grabbed my hands, and twisted them around my back rather forcefully. He tied them together with a rope and pushed me out of the cell onto the rough cement outside of it. With no means of balance, I toppled over face first, scraping my cheek on the ground from the force of the impact. I heard an audible growl from Hunter inside. I looked over to find him in a similar situation. One guard guided him out of the cell while the other loomed above me. He yanked me up by my arms and I groaned as I heard, and felt, the sickening pop of my left arm being
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I stopped in my tracks, causing my guard to run into me.

“Keep moving!” he demanded. At this, Hunter stopped as well and in a matter of seconds, the plan was in action. He somehow managed to roundhouse kick his guard, and, catching him in his moment of confusion, he jumped over his tied hands, bringing them to the front. He quickly fumbled with his bindings, freeing his hands. By now, the guard had regained his composure, and both of them went for Hunter, giving me a little bit of time to escape. I moved my arm into position, and hit my left shoulder into the wall, setting my arm. I quickly jumped over my arms and joined Hunter's losing battle.

“Need some help?” I asked as I blocked a swing from the largest
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