Creative Writing : A Short Story

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The girls sat seperated in two stark, cold rooms. Each of the girls was sat at a table with a clear plastic cup of water sitting at arm’s length from them, both cups untouched. How could they drink when their best friend was no where to be seen? They had been having an innocent night of fun at Mercedes’ house three weeks ago, the first of many planned for the spring break, watching movies on Netflix and eating a pizza they ordered. The night was full of rambling about how classes were, drama floating around the college, and the boys they were talking to. A typical night for three college sophomores. Mercedes stared at the clock, watching the second hand move. She had never seen something move so slowly in her life. Just then, Detective…show more content…
He analyzed her behavior, and while he was doing this, his collegue Detective Gideon enters, with a quick pace. He leans down to detective Gideon and whispers. “We found a body. It’s Riley Jones.” Detective Morgan says calmy, “Excuse me Taylor.” Taylor quickly realizes the possiblity of what Detective Morgan could have said and yells at the detectives exiting, “Did you find her? Is she okay? Tell me!” The two listened to her cries as they closed the door behind them. The detectives made it to the scene where the body was found. Off a secluded part of a highway, and up a beaten trail about half a mile, lay the cold and rigid body of Riley Jones. A single gunshot wound was evident, despite of the decay on the body. Detective Gideon says to Morgan, “Whoever did this, has to be in shape and young. There’s also another scene, she was placed here.” The two look down at the body, that was being covered up with a black cloth. Morgan exhales heavily as he takes a step back from the body, “Who could have done this?” Detective Gideon sighs, “I have no clue kid.” The two detectives went looking for clues at the crime scene. A crowd of people had began to form around the scene, and were held back by the yellow crime scene tape. Just as an officer approaches the crowd, a man turns and begins to walk away. He is quickly detained and brought in for
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