Creative Writing : A Short Story

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A chuckle escaped her parted lips when she heard what Octavia had asked her. She licked her lips, pushed down on the bottom and began to speak. “It took some time for me to figure out what need to be done to get back down here, to the ground.” She paused, pulling the radio from her lips. Head tilting off to the side as a laugh escaped her lips. Octavia was probably the only living person left who knew that she was the one that wasted 3 months of oxygen and not Finn. She lifted the radio back to her mouth, “We are here now and ready to get you guys out. It might take use a while.” She mused. “But we will get you guys out of there.” She released the button, lowering the radio she sat it down on a pile of rubble. Dark hues stared at it as she…show more content…
She released the button. The dark haired woman leaned herself back against the wall, in doing so it relieved some of the pressure from her leg. A sigh of relief escaped her lips. Though that didn’t last long, dark hues darted to the radio when she heard what the young heda had to say. She lifted moved herself from her resting position, taking a few steps from the wall. Raven lifted her hand to her face to rub at her chin. If there really was dynamite inside a cave near here they could use it, it would help add in the effort to release them from the bunker they called home for 6 long years. They wouldn’t need to waste their time digging, which meant more time searching for a place to stay permanently. The small camp they have set up know wasn’t going to be big enough to accommodate everyone inside the bunker. Raven didn’t speak, she already had a plan forming in her head. All she need to know for sure was if the dynamite was actually there. Lifting the radio to her ear she listened to what Indra was saying. Dark hues rolled as she cocked her head to the side. She stared at the radio she held in her hand, a chuckle escaped her lips as she pressed down on the button once more.“Yeah I got that Octavia.” She released the button and glancing up she caught sight of the other heading back over to here. A sly smile spread across her lips. Lifting her hand in the air she waved for them to come near, point at the radio she held to her lips. “So what you’re saying is you

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