Creative Writing : A Short Story

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Payday arrived for both me and Patsy, giving us the opportunity to attend the luxurious cinema and a wider variety of movies. As we stand before the array of movie posters, deciding between an action or comedy, somehow, how conversation shifts over to John. “He was so excited about the other night,” says Patsy. I abandon the posters and give her a questioning look. “About what?” “Well, first of all spending the evening with you, and then because you hugged him the way you did.” She taps her finger against her lips as she continues to scrutinise each poster. Maybe John didn't discuss what I did in the cinema. She looks at me with a wide curve of her lips revealing her teeth. Her eyebrows raise briefly. “Then you held his hand.” She rests…show more content…
The love they expel for each other radiates around them. With a tender hand, he caresses the side of her face, whereupon her eyes flutter closed as she leans into his touch. He envelopes her into his arms before kissing her once again. “Hey, isn't that Alice over there?” asks Patsy. I refuse to answer her. The stone pit materialises in my stomach as the acrid taste forms in my mouth. The hummingbird broke free from her cage and flew far away. I doubt she will ever return. “Who's the hunk she's with?” Patsy continues. “Who do you think he is?” I ask in a dry voice. I turn towards Patsy to find her squinting as she scrutinises the couple. Once she acknowledges them, her eyes widen. “It's Angelo. Wow, she's lucky, isn't she? How did she manage to tie him down?” I lower my gaze to my hands that twine my fingers together. The sudden nausea hits and I grasp onto my coke, taking sips from the straw until the nausea dissipates. No longer can I deceive myself, to hold onto that glimmer of hope that I had it all wrong. Here they are, in full view, expressing their love for one another, right in front of me. “Patsy?” I gaze through my lashes at her. She turns from Alice and Angelo, giving me her full attention. “Yeah?” “Can you tell me more about John?” A curve caresses her lips. “Sure, what would you like to know?” “Why did he break up with his girlfriend?” She rolls her eyes. “She was the worst. They were dating before John went into the army, and
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