Creative Writing: A Trip To Brog

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I have decided to leave the safety of the dome and I’m not allowed to return. I wasn’t leaving Brog outside of the dome by himself again, I have to go with him. Outside of the dome is left unknown all the people know in the dome is that it’s atmosphere is poisonous out there and you are most likely to die after staying the atmosphere for a certain amount of time. That’s part of the reason I came out here. I wanted to see what was outside of the dome and where the deviants went after they left the dome. After going out of the dome the first time when I first saw Brog all by himself I learned that the atmosphere out here isn’t as bad as everyone in the dome thought it was. After seeing the mountains the first time outside of the dome I knew…show more content…
Brog is starting to act different now. She isn’t acting tired like she did before but now she is acting all lazy. All Brog is doing is laying here on my lap not even getting up to eat or drink. The people here are suggesting different remedies that they have to give to her. Nothing seems to work. After hours of trying to stay up and help Brog I fall asleep not knowing who will still be here when I wake up. After I wake up I start wondering what I would be doing if I was still in the dome. I miss waking up with my family there but I know that this is an important research about how Earth is trying to recover itself. The scientist in the dome always thought that the atmosphere out here was poisonous when in reality the atmosphere and living conditions in the dome were worse. Here outside of the dome it is so much better than being stuck inside the dome. I enjoyed being out here until I looked around and I saw Brog laying down on the ground differently than what how he normally lays. I walk over to him and suddenly realize that she was just not use to switching between the things she ate before I found her to the pellets i gave her to going back to the things she had ate
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