Creative Writing: After The Cold War

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"Lydia!" I snap out of my daze. I love listening to the performers... I get into trouble with my dad because of it, but it still happens. Us bartenders aren't supposed to pay attention to the performers with a customer. I'm new here so I always forget what I'm supposed to be doing. I continue pouring up drinks when a very awkward dude comes onto the stage. He fumbles around on stage before he grabs the microphone. "Uh, hi I'm..uh.. I'm James, James Bay," he pauses to cough, "I'm going to sing I'm On Fire by...uh... Bruce Springsteen." He coughs once more before starting on the song. I listen intently before I talk to my boss. "Who's he, I've never seen him before." I ask nudging my dad. "You won't see him anymore if you keep ignoring the…show more content…
He seemed nervous as if he wanted to get home. I stopped at a random store and handed him 15 pounds.. Before I knew it he had come back with a box of cereal, smiling like he was a child during Christmas. I let him keep the change before turning out the car park. I stopped at my flat and unlocked the door. James quietly followed before looking around. I grabbed the box of cereal and ran into the kitchen to make him some. Whilst doing that, I heard James strumming on his guitar. I quickly fix his cereal and grab a spoon. I walk into the living room and see James strumming away on my guitar. I rush over and quickly grab the guitar out of his hands. "Please don't use this one." I smile at him, "This is vintage." I hand him my usual guitar. "I'm so sorry I didn't see that one and I-" I cut him…show more content…
You can play on it I just don't want it to break." I hand him his cereal. He thanks me and starts eating. I grab some grey sweatpants and a white t shirt out of the night stand on the other side of my bed. "Do you mind staying here tonight? It's getting late and don't want to go out again because I have work early in the morning." "Sure, no problem... I'll just sleep on the couch right here and I can leave with you tomorrow morning." He smiles at me and I give him a nod. I hand him the clothes and waited for him to change in the bathroom. "How about you take the bed. I don't like having you on the couch." I say once he comes out the bathroom. "No I'm fine... It's your house anyway." I shake my head. I tell him we can both sleep in the bed and I head into my room to read a book. He comes a few minutes later smiling. I start laughing and I just can't stop. It's not one of those cute giggles you hear about girls doing, it's a laugh that you do when you're around your friends. "Aw, you look so sweet with your hat off." I don't know why but the sight of him with out a hat was too funny for me. He chuckles and crawls into the bed, and I quickly slap his arm before he lays down all the way. "Did you think we were going to sleep with the door open?" He gives me a confused look and turns around to face
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